Do You Need a Plan?

It’s no secret, I love a plan. I’m slightly strange in that I get enjoyment out of creating them.

But sometimes, a plan is the last thing you need. Sometimes you need to let events take you on a journey and see where it leads.

These need not be opposing theories – it depends on where you’re headed.
If you’re sure of the outcome you want, and you can see some concrete steps to get there, then having a plan is best.

If you’re not sure exactly where you want to end up, then creating a plan will be hard, and you’re likely to miss the best opportunities by sticking to the wrong plan.

It’s a case of balance. Spend all your time working to a schedule, and you’ll be burned out pretty soon. Spend your life wandering and you might never achieve what you want to.

Choose consciously. Is this time for a journey, or to reach a destination quickly?

My Friend Paula introduced me to a great balance of the two, which she called the “strike zone” approach. My summary of it is: Define a space in which actions are likely to move you in the general direction you want to travel. Only do things that fall within this space.

Very simple. Very Powerful.

Are you a planner or a wanderer or both?


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