How To Get The Most From WDS.

I’m (very) excited today. I’m writing this on the plane from London to Vancouver, on route to Portland, to go back to the World Domination Summit for the second time.

I started this blog after attending last year, and have enjoyed the support of the people I met there for the whole year.

This post is partly homage to how much WDS has influenced me, partly instructions to myself for this year and partly a guide for anyone who’s not been before.

So here goes – my top tips for getting the most out of WDS

1 – Accept you can’t do everything

There’s too much going on to be at every session, every meet-up, every impromptu dinner, every party. That’s OK. You can pick and choose, and your experience will be richer for it.

Your experience of WDS is for you. It’s not for anyone else. Don’t feel like you should do anything – if it’s not for you, then don’t do it! If the crowd your hanging out with is off to do something that doesn’t float your boat – do something else.  You shouldn’t feel guilty about missing something, as long as you’re doing something great instead.

One challenge though – ask yourself why something isn’t for you. This is a great time to experience something new and have your perspectives altered.

2 – Talk to people.

Anyone you can. Each time you sit down for something on the main stage, there’s probably at least one new person you’ll sit next to – have a chat with them! Each person you meet will be interesting, and they’ll be happy to talk to you.

There’s no need to stay chatting to people who aren’t on your wavelength, but make sure you take the opportunities to strike up a conversation, even if that means getting slightly out of your comfort zone. (Trust me you’ll get used to this by the end of Sunday)

3 - Quality over quantity

This may sound contradictory, but meeting people doesn’t mean you have to speed date all 3000 attendees. If you can have a few good conversations over a drink, you’ll likely get way more from it than lots of cursory “who you are and where you come from” chats.

Remember also that there’s no need to chase after the “famous” people in the crowd. The person you’re talking to right now could be the big new thing next year. And you’ll be able to say “I knew them when they were just…”

4 – Go with the flow (a bit)

If there’s something you really want to do, plan it in, otherwise, see what’s happening, and how the mood takes you. Allow serendipity to work it’s magic and accept what comes your way. You won’t get the most out of being there if  you’re constantly worried about where you need to be next.

5 - Don’t compare

This is hugely important. It’s very easy to think that everyone else has life all sorted out and you don’t. Everyone seems so awesome, it can feel like you don’t belong, and you’ll never catch up.

There are three things at play here

1 – Often things aren’t quite what they seem for that other person – remember you’re seeing the externally projected version of the truth, not what’s going on inside their head, Which may (or may not) be far closer to what’s going on in yours.

2 – What does it matter if they do have it all sorted? As Nicole said there is no shortage of awesome in the world, so don’t worry, Learn from others if you can, but keep your eyes on your own paper.

3 – Remember “No one belongs here more than you.” Thanks again Brené Brown for that one, I think it speaks for itself.

6 – Be uncool and vulnerable

I couldn’t write a WDS tip sheet without mentioning the main thing that’s stayed with me from any of the talks last year, also from Brené. For me this essentially means being open to new experiences and not caring too much about what other people think of you.

Since She’s is in London this year and won’t be getting the party started, try watching this video to get you in the mood. Watched it? OK now imagine that everyone in the audience closes the talk by singing this.

Great, you’re all ready for this years WDS. Let’s go!

If you’re not going, sorry for the slightly off topic post, but I think all of this advice is pretty relevant for most things in life, and maybe you should think about signing up for next year…


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