Dig Around In My Brain

The Dig Around In My Brain Skype Session

This isn’t a literal title. I’m not going to open myself up for amateur brain surgery experimentation just yet, but if you’d like to borrow my thoughts and experience on pretty much anything, this is the session for you.

In other words you can use my brain however suits you best for an hour.

We’ll conduct the session over Skype, so location is not an issue. We can cover any topic(s) you can think of or want help with, but maybe you want:

  • Help with starting a project
  • Thoughts or a new perspective on a tricky business problem
  • No bullshit advice about your new venture

We could cover pretty much anything you want in as much detail as you care to and I promise to hold nothing back and be as open and honest as you need me to be.

Sometimes all it takes is a short burst from a different perspective to make a step change to  your progress.

This is for you if you want the benefit of my 15+ years of consultancy experience in a highly concentrated one hour burst. I promise not to take any of that time up with consulting fluff and you’ll get 100% honest, actionable and clear insight.

Happy with that? Then lets go. Click and sign up below and then I’ll send you a little pre work to make sure you get the best possible value from your 60 minutes. Your investment – $120


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