Sustainable Happiness

Hugh’s cartoon yesterday said

Happiness is the Killer App.

I’m not sure I’d express it quite this way, but it got me thinking – perhaps we overcomplicate things too much.

Tweak that a little to sustainable happiness, and I think we might have something. If we can find a way of making ourselves happy in the long term, what else could we want?

Like many things which appear simple on the surface, there’s complexity which lies beneath.

We need to

  • Accept that it’s OK to be happy, and allow ourselves to be
  • Understand what makes us happy
  • Find a way to allow us to do what makes us happy

Again these seem simple but aren’t. The thing to remember though is  that our end goal can be pretty simple.  Lots of the stress and complexity we end up with in life are too far abstracted from a simple goal like this to be worth bothering with.

I’m going to simplify my mission for 2013 to:

Sustainable Happiness

Simple, yet infinitely complicated. Very easy to refer back to.

What’s your mission for 2013?

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