The Hundred Dollar Club – My Journey So Far – Part Three

I’ve talked about lessons I’ve learned, and projects which we’ve started but this short post is about my personal journey.

It’s hard to attribute all of the changes to me over the past six months to one thing. I’d like to think that I’m growing all of the time, but I think five things have really been influenced by The Hundred Dollar Club.

I’m braver

It took a lot of courage for me to write the first post starting THDC, but looking back on it now, It doesn’t seem that brave. Fear of doing things has gradually subsided.

I’ve never been particularly scared of anything, but I was (am) excellent at rationalising why not doing something is a good idea.  I’ve been shaken out of that a little and I’m far more inclined to do, not plan now. Once you end up speaking on stage at a Seth Godin gig, then most things look a lot less scary!

I’m more open

More open to others’ feedback, to new opportunities and to making new connections. I’ve seen what having a great team can do, and I’m more determined than ever to surround myself with people who get it. This is probably the number one good thing that THDC has done for me – connecting with the right group changes everything.

I take my own medicine

I’m held to account to do what I say I will now, and that’s fantastic. I’ve always believed that doing is the way to learn things, but now I am even more convinced. The THDC team won’t have it any other way.

I know there is another way

I’ve seen the changes real people have made, through applying effort and thinking differently. I know that almost anything can be done.  There really is no substitute for live examples of success to make you certain that it’s possible. Seeing other people succeed is an amazing motivator to do more yourself too.


I’m sure I’ve changed in lots and lots of other ways, but there wouldn’t be anything left for the end of year round up if I went into them now!

No more THDC updates for a while here now, but the group marches on. If you’re interested in reaping some of the benefits associated by belonging to a group of like minded folks, get in touch and lets discuss how to make it happen.


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