The Hundred Dollar Club


The Hundred Dollar Club is a community of people who inspire each other to make things happen. This page is a potted history of the journey so far

It started with this post on 18th July 2012:

What I’m going to do with $100 Chris Guillebeau gave me

The club opened it’s doors to 23 people on August 1st 2012, after a couple of tweets from influential folks sent enough prospective members to crash my blog.

Work continued behind closed doors on the THDC projects, until I spoke about it at the Seth Godin inspired London Icarus session. This was nerve wracking, even though there were only 50 folks present.

I was surprised then, to be almost nerve free when Seth himself asked me to speak at the London event on his book launch tour – 600 people in the audience seemed to spur me to be better, not more scared. Here’s the story of that event

How I spoke on the same stage as Seth Godin

And here’s a bootleg audio of my speech – I start at around 6:45

After this, the momentum to do more kept building within the group. For our six month anniversary, I posted a 3 part update on what had been happening:

Part 1 – 6 lessons Learned

Part 2 – Members stories

Part 3 – My journey so far

What’s next?

The THDC members have written a fantastic free eBook telling all of the stories from our experiences so far, along with some concrete steps the thou can take to start your OWN journey.

We’ll also be launching an online course to help you build your own business – you can find out more details and sign up for updates. You’ll get the eBook as a bonus too.

I’ll keep this page up to date with all the public outings THDC has to offer.


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