World Domination Requires Action

I’m writing this on the way back to London Heathrow from an amazing weekend at the World Domination Summit in Portland, Oregon.
If you were there, I won’t need to define WDS, if you weren’t then the simplest thing I can describe it as is a gathering of particularly amazing people who come together to connect, inspire and get inspired.

The weekend is so much more than a conference, but it does take the format of speakers and breakout sessions. Whilst all the sessions had different messages, one huge theme emerged for me: Do Things.

Not just read about things.

Not just think about things.

Not just talk about things.

Not just plan things.

Do them.

So – whilst I might not be totally sure what things I’m going to do this year, I’m doing the first one now, in making the first post to this blog.

I commit to posting at least 52 posts before the next WDS on 5th July 2013, to chronicle what I do with my year.  I’m already signed up to attend, so I know I have a thousand willing accountability friends willing to hold me to that commitment.  Hopefully some of you will be with me on the journey.

Cheers! Rob

Photo: Armosa Studios


  1. Way to take action and encourage the rest of us to do the same. I’m with you on the journey!

  2. [...] you can see here, I started this blog last week because I was inspired by attending the World Domination Summit held [...]

  3. I am inspired unto action just hearing how inspired you are. Long may the rippling effect continue.

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