Why your point of view is more valuable than you think

Each of us sees life from a different point of view – our own.

Full marks for observation eh (get it?) but this is extremely important to understand. Your viewpoint is not like mine, and mine is not the same as anyone else’s.

Our perspective is influenced by everything we do. What we read, what we experience, who we talk to, the life we lead. All of the myriad aspects of your life combine to give you a unique angle on whatever you see.

When you’re doubting yourself, It’s often easy to slip into thinking “Why should they listen to me?” or “Why would I be successful when others aren’t?”

We’re too quick to assume the everyone has the same outlook as us, and most importantly that everyone knows what we know.

They Don’t.

It’s easy to assume that everyone you meet has read everything you’ve ever read, experienced everything you have, and learned everything you have.

If you do assume this, then it’s also easy to believe that no one will be interested in your opinion.

Here’s the thing – others almost certainly haven’t learned what you have. Even if they did, they won’t have processed the information, combined it with influences from other aspects of their life and come to the same conclusion as you.

Seriously, you have plenty to offer, and you should offer it.

Why am I bothering to say this? Because if you don’t believe you have a worthwhile, valuable, unique viewpoint, it will hold you back from making the decisions which allow you to progress with your venture.

It will lead you to think thoughts like:

“There’s no point starting that business, because X already does that”

“There’s no point offering my services, because all the potential clients already know the same things that I do”

Not realising your take on problems is unique leads you to think that all the businesses there could ever be have already been created.

It’s easy to think that all the good ideas have already been had.

They haven’t, and if you’ve got a point of view on something, there are people out there that it will resonate with and who want to hear what you have to say.

It’s never been easier to find these people. They’re probably looking for you. Are you able to be found?



  1. Hi Rob
    Another thought provoking piece. Our failure to recognise our own unique perspective can also lead us to think that “x said that so much better than I could, so I won’t bother making my point…” As you say, this should not stop us from recognising that our perspective is as interesting and valid as anyone else’s. This is something we try to reinforce with the participants in our Green Economy, Generating Ideas course – their business ideas are as good as anyone else’s. However, they have to, deep down, believe this or their self-doubts may begin to creep in at critical moments and harm their venture.

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